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Vegetarian Festival, What is forbidden to eat?

Vegetarian Festival 2021 is between 6 - 14 October 2021, and sure enough, for anyone who wants to try making merit in a simple way, vegetarianism is another option. That's interesting We just try to try vegetarianism, abstain from meat and animal-derived food for only 10 days and can be done immediately.

1. Refrain from eating vegetables with a pungent smell. or vegetables with a strong smell The five prohibited vegetables are: -Garlic (head of garlic, leek) -Onions and onions, onions, shallots, spring onions (some may include cilantro) -Lak Kyo or Chinese Tone Garlic -chives -Tobacco leaves (cigarettes, tobacco, intoxicants)

2. Abstain from eating meat of any kind. But some beliefs say that during the vegetarian diet can can eat oysters For those who have listened to it and have questions in mind. Let's go find out with the source. Oysters, why vegetarian? Can vegetarians eat oysters? Myths and beliefs associated with vegetarian festivals.

3. Refrain from eating milk, butter, oil that are products of animal origin such as cow's milk, real butter, whipped cream and lard, etc.

4. Refrain from using seasonings. which is a product of animal origin to cook food such as fish sauce, oyster sauce, pork and chicken seasoning powder, etc.

5. Refrain from eating spicy food such as very spicy, very sour, very sweet, very salty because it is considered to destroy health. But this point, some people who do not practice very strictly can still eat it, for example, if you like very salty, you can use salt instead of fish sauce. This is not wrong.

6. Refrain from drinking alcohol. and all kinds of intoxicants. What do you eat at the Vegetarian Festival? 1. Protein We can eat from grains and beans, such as white tofu, soy milk, agricultural protein, and many more, which these foods are a good source of protein. And most importantly, it's easy to digest.

2. Carbohydrates Vegetarian food is a food that is already high in carbohydrates. Because both rice and rice vermicelli, including fried dishes that are loved by many people during the vegetarian period, whether it's fried taro, fried corn, and fried spring rolls, they all contain a lot of starch. or undoubtedly high in carbohydrates.

3. Mineral salts or minerals, these nutrients contained in various vegetables Almost all kinds without a doubt. (But don't forget to refrain from eating the 5 forbidden vegetables above as well.) 4. Vitamins. We can add vitamins to the body by eating fruit. Of course, all kinds of fruit Vegetarians can eat it. 5. Fat. Everyone probably knows that vegetarian foods are foods that are high in fat as well. but will focus on vegetable fats, margarine and non-dairy creamer I will not be fat.

6. Vegetarian seasoning, shiitake mushroom sauce, soy sauce, salt, pepper, including vegetarian seasoning powder There are many brands to choose from. both normal and reduced sodium you can buy as you like. But do not forget to notice the red and yellow flag on the label as well.

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