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Popular local herbs and vegetables that are often found in Thai food!

Thai medicinal plants since ancient times it are known that it has a lot of medicinal value. Which in Thai food that we eat in everyday life they all consist of various herbs? It's a mix of raw materials. But the main herbs that are often seen often are as follows:

1. Basil leaves The most popular dish for many people. When you can't think of anything else, it's "Khao Basil with Chicken and Fried Egg", a quick, simple but delicious dish. Help in the matter of expelling the wind. lower blood sugar Cure gastritis, colic, distension, etc.

2. Ginger

Herbs in the kitchen add fragrance. and spicy flavors in the menu: Stir-fried Chicken with Ginger, Fried Fish with Soybean Paste, and Bua Loi Nam Ginger, which ginger is said to have medicinal properties that have various health benefits. Whether it is in the matter of helping to lose weight, reducing fat and cholesterol levels, relieving heat in the heart, etc.

3. Lemongrass It is a vegetable and herb that is popularly used in cooking, especially with seafood. or a menu with a pungent smell because it can deodorize the fishy smell and enhances the taste of food as well, such as Tom Yum Talay, Lemongrass Salad Clams, and various curry pastes, etc.

4. Garlic It can be said that it is a raw material that can be found almost in every menu, whether it is stir-fried, curry, fried, boiled. It has many properties such as controlling blood pressure, nourishing blood, preventing heart disease, driving wind, preventing colds, etc.

5. Pepper A must-have condiment on every restaurant table. It has a pungent smell, helping to enhance the taste of food to be rounder. both fresh and dry Which is used for cooking will be different. Often found to provide food such as soup or stir-fry, it has properties that help in anti-carcinogenic, anti-cough, asthma, expectorant, etc.

6. Celery Another common vegetable garden is celery, with a pungent aroma that adds flavor to a variety of dishes, such as fried fish with celery. Clear soup with tofu, minced pork, various salad menus, as well as properties in nourishing the heart. lower blood pressure treat Alzheimer's disease reduce inflammation and anti-cancer, etc. Cr.thairestaurantphuket

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