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"Herbs" to help "lose weight"

"Weight loss" can be done with "nutrition". One of the nutrition that can cause weight loss is "herbs" Thai vegetables, but there are many properties. both in terms of health care disease prevention Including the help of "losing weight" is considered very effective. Just add to each meal only.

Lemon "Lemon", an important helper in "lose weight" after waking up to drink lemon juice first by squeezing a lemon into a glass of warm water. It is recommended to drink it on a daily basis. Because lemons will help detox toxins from the body. And burn fat in the intestines as well, making it easier for girls to excrete. which helps to reduce weight also in lemon There is still a lot of vitamin C that helps nourish the skin. Including expectorant, cough and scurvy.

Ginger This wonderful "herb" if you want to "lose weight", ginger with hot properties will help "lose weight" very well. Because it has properties in helping digestion. help burn fat and reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body It also relieves inflammation as well. You Thai food There is always ginger as an ingredient. If convenient, it is recommended to add ginger to green tea. to sip in the afternoon It will help antioxidants as well.

Pepper when we eat pepper We will feel hot and spicy, that's it. The properties of the famous "herb" of this kind. will help burn excess fat burn energy in the body and help metabolize glycogen better When the body burns well So it helps to "lose weight" better.

Safflower This kind of "herb" we use the flowers and seeds. Most popularly, safflower is dried. to brew safflower tea Then drink it to nourish the nerves, nourish the heart, and nourish the blood. It also helps drive normal menstruation. Treatment of dermatitis, swelling, bruises, black and green. Research has also found that ... safflower has the property of "losing weight" because it can help reduce cholesterol levels. reduce clogged fat and reduce blood sugar levels Suitable for obese patients too.

Basil seed "Herbs" that have been known as "lose weight" for a long time. And the properties of "Basil seeds" are really like that. In addition to generating energy puffing of basil seeds It also helps us fill our stomachs longer. There are also many advantages, which is to help drive bad cholesterol out of the body. Because basil seeds contain fibers that help absorb fat, bad fats are therefore excreted with the fibers of basil seeds. Reduce the risk of heart disease and also a laxative Helps reduce constipation during excretion as well Cr.thairath

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