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Clean food that you have never eaten before

Take a pizza break and turn to some clean food. Suitable for newbies learning to eat clean, full of up to 8 menus.

1. Larb Tuna Ingredients • Canned Tuna in Spring Water • Cayenne pepper • lemon juice • Fish sauce (low sodium formula) • Roasted rice • Shallots • basil • Shredded onion • Chopped coriander • Fresh vegetables as you like. How to make • This menu uses canned tuna in spring water, squeezed out, seasoned with chili powder, lime juice and low sodium fish sauce. Add roasted rice, sliced ​​shallots, basil, chopped spring onions and chopped coriander. Eat with fresh vegetables as you like.

2. Grilled Chicken with Soy Sauce Rice


• Chicken breast, skin removed and cut into pieces. • Fish sauce (low sodium formula) • Light soy sauce (low sodium formula) • Oyster Sauce (low sodium recipe) • Dark Soy Sauce • Spring onions and chopped coriander. • chop up Bird-chilli • Brown rice • fried egg

How to make 1. Remove the skin of the chicken breast. cut into bite-sized pieces Marinated with fish sauce, light soy sauce, low sodium oyster sauce and a little dark soy sauce Marinate for about 30 minutes. 2. Then roast in a Teflon pan until cooked, put on a plate, sprinkle with spring onions and chopped coriander. Add 1 chilli, sliced ​​for good taste. Eat with brown rice and fried eggs.

3. Ong chili paste

Ingredients • Minced chicken breast or minced shrimp. (can be modified as you like) • dried chili • shallots • garlic • tomato • Olive oil • plain water • Fish sauce (low sodium formula) • Oyster Sauce (low sodium recipe) • Fresh vegetables as you like.

How to make chili paste 1. Pound dried chilies, shallots and garlic, then pound the chicken into it and mix well. 2. Sliced ​​​​tomatoes, put into the pound lightly to get the meat into the water. 3. Heat a pan, add a little olive oil. Put the pounded chili paste and stir fry over low heat for a long time (my mom's secret). Stir until the chili paste is fragrant. Add enough water to stir. Season with reduced-sodium fish sauce. (We also added reduced sodium oyster sauce for a smooth taste. because I didn't put shrimp paste) Wait until it boils, put it in a cup and eat it with all kinds of vegetables you like.

4. Papaya Salad with Corn Ingredients for Papaya Salad with Corn • Boiled Corn • Long beans • tomato • Carrots cut into strips. • hot pepper • Coarsely chopped garlic. • Fish sauce (low sodium formula) • Coconut Sugar • Roasted Peanuts

How to make Papaya Salad with Corn 1. Slice the corn, cut the long beans. cut tomatoes and sliced ​​carrots into strips, prepared 2. Season the salad with paprika. Coarsely chopped garlic, reduced-sodium fish sauce, lime juice and coconut sugar, to taste. 3. Bring the sauce to mix with the prepared machine. sprinkle with roasted peanuts.

5. Grilled Tilapia

Ingredients • Grilled Tilapia • Vegetables of your choice • hot pepper • garlic • lemon juice • Fish sauce (low sodium formula) • Coconut Sugar

How to cook 1. Grilled tilapia, remove only the meat. 2. Make seafood sauce by pounding the chilli with garlic season with lemon reduced sodium fish sauce and a little coconut sugar, put in a bowl and serve with the carved tilapia fillets. and fresh vegetables of your choice.

6. Toast

Ingredients • Whole Wheat Bread • Cottage Cheese • Peanut Butter • Strawberry Sliced • Banana sliced ​​into glasses. how to make • Toast the whole wheat bread. Then spread with cottage cheese and peanut butter all over. Top with strawberries and bananas.

7. Strawberry Yogurt Ingredients • frozen strawberries • yogurt • a little honey

How to make • Take frozen strawberries and yogurt (1:1 ratio), add a little honey. Blend well, pour into glasses and serve.

8. Turmeric Yellow Curry


· Yellow curry sauce

(already cooked and seasoned) 200g

· Kao soi yellow noodles 100g

· Thai essentials: pickled cabbage 20g ,

chilli flakes 1g, fried red onions 3g


· Your favourite meat, seafood or veg

· Oil, garlic, onion


1.Prepare noodles: Boil noodles in a saucepan of boiling water for 7 mins. When cooked, drain noodles through a strainer, drop them into cold water, strain again and set aside. 2.Cook meat: 1. Place a wok with a tablespoon of oil on medium heat. Add 200g of chicken (or other meat, seafood or veg) and a cup of water. Cook and stir till bubbling. Keep stirring on medium heat till meat is cooked through. 3.Add sauce and essentials: 1. Pour in the Grab Thai Go curry sauce and bring back to temperature. Serve Thai-style with room-temperature noodles, or with noodles warmed through in a microwave. To finish, scatter over the Thai essentials.

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