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Covid: 9 Foods High in Vitamin D Helps to strengthen the immune system

Due to the Covid-19 situation We still can't trust. In addition to taking care of and protecting yourself from the outside environment. taking care of yourself from within For example, it is important to eat nutritious food. And we recommend 9 foods high in vitamin D. To strengthen the immune system or Immune System to work at full efficiency.

As you know The body can get vitamin D from sunlight. But it might not be enough. But we can supplement our body with vitamin D by eating food. The foods that are rich in vitamin D are as follows.

1.oat cereal

Start your day in a healthy way every day with whole grain cereal or oats. For those who cannot go to the sun. This delicious breakfast can add vitamin D to your body. And if anyone has to exercise in the morning Fiber-rich breakfasts like these are high in energy. Helps to exercise more effective.

2. soy milk

Soy milk is a good choice for people who are lactose intolerant in cow's milk. Plus, it's high in protein, calcium and potassium. Soy milk has very little saturated fat. Plus, unsweetened soy milk provides only 80-100 calories. If you want to double your vitamin D, try pouring soy milk over your oat cereal.

3. yolk

Some people may be afraid that egg yolks are high in calories. But the yolks are high in nutrients and vitamins as well. It includes vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and vitamin D. Egg yolks also help protect the eyes. And it also helps with memory as well. Try adding value to the yolk by mixing various vegetables into it to make an omelet.

4. orange juice

One of the favorite breakfast foods. with a refreshing taste It also has health benefits. If you want to get the full vitamin D from orange juice, drink freshly squeezed orange juice. because in addition to receiving vitamin D It is also very high in vitamin C. and rich in calcium In addition, orange juice is also involved in helping to prevent cancer. and also increase the immune system for the body as well

5. beef liver

Although it is a food that many people are not familiar with. But beef liver contains up to 50 IU of vitamin D per 3 ounces. It's a very nutrient-dense food to try. Beef liver is high in protein, low in fat, and low in calories (175 calories per 3 ounces). Contains folate, iron, copper, choline, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and riboflavin.

6. Muenster Cheese

for cheese lovers Try Munster Cheese as another option. Muenster cheese is one of the lowest lactose cheeses. Plus, it contains up to 22 IUs of vitamin D. Anyone who likes cheese should not miss it.

7. cod liver oil

Cod liver oil is very high in vitamin A and vitamin D. Cod liver oil has many benefits. both bone care reduces inflammation of the joints prevent rheumatoid arthritis Helps maintain eye health reduce the risk of heart disease Treatment of ulcers in the stomach and intestines It can also help treat anxiety. So many benefits You should eat cod liver oil every day.

8. mushroom

Mushrooms are a very healthy food. Mushrooms can be used to cook a variety of dishes. and is an excellent source of vitamin D. Additionally, mushrooms are the only food that contains vitamin D directly from the source. That is, mushrooms can synthesize vitamin D directly from sunlight.

9. salmon

Salmon is easy to cook. Plus, it has a lot of value. In addition to high vitamin D It also reduces the risk of heart disease. You can also control your weight. Salmon contains omega-3 fats, 22-25 grams of protein per serving. and high in B vitamins and is recommended by nutritionists

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