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5 exotic fruits that you never forget

Thailand is a tropical country where all kinds of fruits blossom all year round. This country is truly a heaven for fruit-eaters and health-lovers as there will be different kinds of fruits available throughout the year.

Most of the tropical fruits in Thailand are well-known among foreigners. However, there are some fruits that are not so common among the visitors to Thailand. Many of them come in mesmerizing shapes and smells. To walk you through, here is a list of 5 exotic fruits you will find in Thailand.

1. Durian

Its sharp-thorn crust is totally contradicting with its yellow and soft texture inside. Yes, we are talking about durian, the king of Thai fruit. Durian is loved by many and hated by tons. Most of the westerners turn away from this strong-smelling fruit but its sweet and creamy taste wins locals’ hearts for decades.

Thailand might not be its original birthplace, but the country is currently one of the top major exports of Durians. Even Durian is popular among Thais, there are many places that forbid to bring in this smelly fruits, such as in air-conditioned buses, some taxis or some office buildings.

How and where to enjoy durian?

Durian is not a year-round fruit like papaya or watermelon: it is only available during a certain season. This makes Durian more expensive when compared to other fruits in Thailand. This sweet and creamy fruit is available from June to August. The price per kilogram starts from 120 THB onward, but this really depends on the species of durian.

You can find Durian in the supermarket of major malls in Thailand, but it will be more expensive than buying from the wet market outside. The tip is to try to buy those that are already prepared and ready to eat… You don’t want to crack the Durian open by yourself!

2. Guava

Locally known as Farang, guava is another common tropical fruits that can be enjoyed in Thailand. This high vitamin C fruit has a green color and even it is so ripe, its skin is still green. The inside of Farang is white and soft with thousands erotische massage berlin of seeds inside. The seeds are edible, but it is not recommended to eat them as it has a hard crust and might affect your appendix.

Guava is a little bigger than an apple. It has a sweet and sour taste, making it a friendly fruit for everyone.

How and where to enjoy guava?

Thais usually snack guava erotische massage stuttgart after lunchtime as it is good for helping with weight loss. Guava can be enjoyed all year round. You can buy it at the fruit street stall, at convenience stores or at markets where you can buy it per kilo basis.

3. Jackfruit

Jackfruit or Ka Nhun is a huge tropical fruit with a bumpy crust. To eat a jackfruit, you have to chop it erotische massage cologne open. The inside of Ka Nhun is yellow and has many seeds inside each pod. This weird-looking fruit has to be enjoyed when it is ripe. However, when it is raw, it can be cooked into many delicious dishes.

Ka Nhun is very aromatic and has a sweet taste. Moreover, its seeds can be great munchy after boiling them up – it has nutty and salty taste.

How and where to enjoy guava?

You can find Ka Nhun almost year round, but that is not considered the best one. The delicious ones come out erotische massage nuremberg during April to June. You can buy jackfruit at the street store as the sellers will prepare it for you – and all you have to do is eat.

4. Rambutan

Originally from Malay-Indo regions, rambutan is a funny looking fruit. It is a little red ball with hair covering the surface that when opened reveals the inside is all white. Rambutan, or as locals call it Ngo, has a sweet taste and a hard seed that you have to spit it out after finishing its flesh.

How and where to enjoy rambutan?

Rambutan is available during May to June in Thailand. You can buy it from any markets or on street fruit stalls. The price is relatively cheap – starts from 35 THB to 70 THB per kilogram.

5. Rose Apple

This ruby red fruit is very refreshing to eat. Thais call this Rose apple Chompoo, a fruit with a light sweet taste, very rich in fiber. It is really good for hydrating the body and cool down the body temperature.

How and where to enjoy rose apple?

Chompoo is not a year-round fruit. You can find this lovely fruit in December to February and again in April. The fruit cart normally sells this fruits prepared and ready to eat. Otherwise, you can buy it from the market.

How many have you tried?


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